Personnel movements, week ending May 23

JÜRGEN Hendrich, Chris Hart, MEO Australia; James Cruickshank, Howard McLaughlin, Antares; Murray Jackson, Albert Brantley, Genesis; Colleen Jones-Cervantes, Peter Wissel, Brant Fish, John Willey, Diane Brown, Caltex Australia; Andrew Dimsey, Victoria Petroleum; Steve Rotherham, Bevis Yeo, and Petroleum magazine.
Personnel movements, week ending May 23 Personnel movements, week ending May 23 Personnel movements, week ending May 23 Personnel movements, week ending May 23 Personnel movements, week ending May 23

MEO AUSTRALIA: Methanol and LNG hopeful MEO Australia has appointed broker and analyst Jürgen Hendrich to its executive team, initially as chief executive, effective June 16.

Hendrich brings over 24 years oil industry and investment banking experience to MEO Australia. He began his career as a petroleum geologist with Esso Australia in 1984 and in 12 years with that company held a variety of specialist technical roles in Australia and Norway, before advancing to commercial roles including strategic planning and joint venture (Cooper Basin) relations.

In 1996, Hendrich joined JB Were (Now Goldman Sachs JB Were) and quickly established a reputation as a top-ranking energy analyst. In 2001 he founded his own consulting company specialising in providing strategic advice and attracting investment capital to early-stage resources companies. He joined broking firm Tolhurst Ltd in early 2005 and for the past two years has been a director of corporate finance.

During 2007, MEO co-founder, CEO and managing director Chris Hart indicated he wished to retire from his executive role during 2008. Hart initiated discussions to secure Hendrich to the executive team to assist in managing various critical commercial negotiations and, following an appropriate transition period, assume the managing director's role. Hart may continue to act as a non-executive director.

ANTARES ENERGY: The board has appointed current executive director, James Cruickshank, as managing director and chief executive officer of the company from July 1.

The current managing director, Howard McLaughlin's employment contract expires on June 30. McLaughlin has previously advised that he would not seek a renewal of his contract beyond June 30.

James Cruickshank was appointed to the board of Antares on October 8, 2004. He is currently a US resident and is based in the company's Dallas, Texas office having relocated from Perth in July 2007.

Cruickshank has 20 years of commercial experience in commercial banking and equity markets. In addition, he is a graduate of The Royal Military College Duntroon where he was awarded the leadership award, and he has served overseas with the Australian armed forces.

Cruickshank is a graduate of the University of Canberra with a bachelor of commerce with a double major in banking and finance and accounting as well as holding a graduate diploma in applied finance with a major in investment analysis from the Securities Institute of Australia.

He also completed advanced certificates at the University of New South Wales, School of Petroleum Engineering.

GENESIS ENERGY: New Zealand electricity company Genesis Energy has appointed former Oceanagold chief operating officer Albert Brantley to be its new chief executive.

Genesis, a state-owned electricity generator and retailer, said Brantley would replace outgoing boss Murray Jackson on September 1.

Brantley has a long history of working in large energy facilities in New Zealand and internationally, Genesis chairman Brian Corban said.

Genesis is a major non-operating player in gas exploration and production in Taranaki. It also has the country's largest base of retail electricity customers, and generates electricity from a mix of gas, coal, hydro and wind power plants, competing with fellow state-owned corporations Meridian Energy and Mighty River Power and listed firms Contact Energy.

CALTEX AUSTRALIA: Colleen Jones-Cervantes has been appointed as a director to fill a casual vacancy on the board from June 1. Jones-Cervantes' appointment follows the resignation of Peter Wissel, who has resigned as a director from May 31.

Jones-Cervantes serves as vice president - global marketing, Asia Pacific region with Chevron USA and is based in Singapore. In this role, she is responsible for retail sales for the Caltex brand, commercial and industrial sales, asphalt and LPG sales, and company operated stores in eleven countries. The board has determined that Jones-Cervantes is not an independent director due to her service as an executive with Chevron.

As a result of Wissel's resignation, Jones-Cervantes' appointment as an alternate director automatically ends on May 31. Jones-Cervantes has also served as an alternate director for Brant Fish and this appointment will end on May 31.

The board has approved Wissel's appointment as an alternate director for each of Fish and Jones-Cervantes.

In addition, the board has appointed John Willey, assistant company secretary, as a second company secretary of Caltex Australia from June 1. Willey replaces Diane Brown, assistant company secretary, who has resigned as a second company secretary from May 31.

VICTORIA PETROLEUM: Andrew Dimsey has been appointed as alternate director to both Alex Bajada and Anthony Short.

PNN & PETROLEUM: After three years as editor of and its predecessor, Steve Rotherham is relinquishing that role effective Friday May 30 in order to move to Queensland.

Bevis Yeo will be the new editor of PNN, effective Monday June 2.

Rotherham will continue to edit Petroleum magazine and will continue to write regular feature articles for PNN. He will cease working in Aspermont's Perth office on June 27 and will begin working from Queensland on July 14.

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