Swiftel joins forces with Schlumberger in new facility

Optic fibre carrier Swiftel is set to join forces with New York-based Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS), a subsidiary of the global giant Schlumberger Oilfield Services, to establish a multi-million dollar disaster recovery and data facility in Perth next year.

SIS is an operating unit of Schlumberger Oilfield Services, one of world's leading suppliers of services and technology to the international petroleum industry.

The first stage of the proposal involves a disaster recovery and data storage facility. The second stage would see Swiftel and SIS set up a separate site with between 70 and 100 desktop workstations which could supply not only a customer's stored data, but also up to 30 applications.

A good example of the benefit of such a facility is if in case of a building evacuation, a client such as a stockbroker would still be able to operate if the usual place of business was shut down.

Swiftel managing director, Mr Chris Gale, said the memorandum of understanding had married Shlumberger's ability in information security, data storage and disaster recovery with Swiftel's fibre optic network and data facilities.

"Schlumberger's expertise coupled with Swiftel's facilities in Perth will allow customers access to disaster recovery, data storage and other corporate services providing business continuity in the unlikely event of a serious business disruption," he said.