Harriet abandons Remus

THE Harriet joint venture has plugged and abandoned the Remus-1 well after drilling difficulties prevented the planned completion of the well as a producer.

Remus-1 intersected a thin, oil filled sandstone reservoir that was planned to be completed while the rig was on location, according to Harriet JV junior partner Tap Oil.

No oil water contact was encountered at the base of the oil column with oil down to a base seal. A similar thin oil filled sandstone reservoir was also intersected in the previously drilled well Romulus-1 which Tap interprets could be connected and could be the edge of a larger stratigraphic trend.

“Further work will be carried out to analyse the oil sand intersected in both wells and to consider additional drilling options to further evaluate and optimally develop the oil discovery,” Tap said.

The well, located in the Harriet Joint Venture permit TL/6, was drilled from the South Plato production platform. The objective lies about 1.5km south-west of the platform.

The drilling rig has now moved to another slot on the South Plato Platform to drill the Plato-2 well. This is a new addition to the well program to be optimally drilled from the same platform while on location, which will afford time to evaluate the drilling results of the Romulus-1 and Remus-1 wells.

TL/6 joint venture participants are Apache Northwest (operator) 68.5%, Kufpec Australia 19.2771% and Tap (Harriet) 12.2229%.

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