Juniper-2 core samples look promising

OPERATOR Innamincka Petroleum Limited reports that it has taken one core sample and is currently cutting a second from the Juniper-2 oil well in PEL 103, Cooper Basin, South Australia.

Core No. 1 cut a basal Patchawarra interval intersecting interbedded coals, siltstones and sandstones up to 2.5 m in thickness. The sandstones exhibited 100% live oil fluorescence.

Core No. 2 (18 m from 2702 - 2720 m) is currently beiong cut into the Tirrawarra ssandstone in response to continued oil shows.

Participants in the PEL 103 Block joint venture are Innamincka Petroleum Limited (operator) 35% and Vernon E Faulconer Australia Inc 65%.

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