Juniper results could lead to major reserves upgrade

INNAMINCKA Petroleum claims core results from its latest drilling indicate the Juniper oil field could be much larger than at first thought.

Three 18-metre cores recovered from the target basal Patchawarra and top Tirrawarra Sandstone interval revealed strong oil shows.

"The core data supports geological correlation of this interval with the oil-bearing section in

the Juniper 1 well," the company sid in a statement.

"This interpretation would extend the height of the known oil column from approximately 40 metres to in excess of 120 metres and would increase the field area from 8 square kilometres about 30 square kilometres."

The Juniper-2 well is a downflank appraisal well 1.9 km north-west of the Juniper1 discovery well in PEL 103.

Participants in the PEL 103 joint venture are Innamincka Petroleum Limited (operator) 35% and Vernon E Faulconer Australia Inc 65%.

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