Encom launches new ModelVision Pro software

ENCOM Technology has updated its 3D potential field modelling system with the release of ModelVision Pro 7.0. The new software provides rapid modelling of 3D petroleum seismic sections and supports other industry applications, the company said.

A 2D FFT processing system was added to convert grids into field components, gradients and tensors for those involved with advanced modelling research, it said.

Encom says the software’s support for full 3D modelling and user-guided inversion of the subsurface makes it suitable for rapid mapping of cover thickness or complex modelling of resources.

Managing director David Pratt says ModelVision Pro integrates easily with other industry applications.

“By using existing information derived from geological sections or 3D DXF models, ModelVision Pro can be used to search gravity and magnetic data for possible resource extensions,” Pratt said.

ModelVision Pro was widely used by petroleum, coal, government, mineral, research and engineering organisations to solve a wide range of geoscience problems in exploration, mining and engineering geophysics, according to Pratt.

It was also the the first commercial 3D system to offer full tensor modelling and inversion of airborne gravity gradiometer data and the new generation of full tensor SQUID magnetometer data, he said.