Origin makes Surat discovery

THE EMU Apple-1 oil exploration well in Surat Basin permit ATP 470P, Queensland is a new oil pool discovery and will be suspended, pending completion, as a Boxvale Sandstone oil producer, Origin Energy said yesterday.

The Century 7 drilling rig started drilling Emu Apple-1 on June 5 with a proposed depth of 1,503 metres.

A 216 millimetre (8-1/2 inch) hole was drilled to 1406 m and drill stem test 1 was conducted over the upper Boxvale Sandstone interval 1,396 to 1,406 metres.

There was no fluid to surface during the flow period. The recovery consisted of 10.5 barrels of oil (35.5 API) with no water.

Emu Apple-1 was drilled to a total depth of 1485m into the Timbury Hills Formation and a second drill stem test was conducted over the lower Boxvale sandstone interval 1,409-1,418 m, flowing water at a rate of 360 barrels per day.

The well, about 20km north west of the Riverslea Oil Field, has had 140 millimetre (5-1/2 inch) casing run.

At 8am Eastern Standard Time operations at the well were rigging down following rig release at 12am EST. The rig will now move to drill the Ooline oil exploration well, in ATP 470P, about 8km east of Emu Apple-1. Progress for the week was 646 m.

Interests in Emu Apple-1 are Origin Energy wholly owned subsidiary Angari Pty Ltd 67.5%, Origin Energy CSG Ltd 22.5% and Santos QNT Pty Ltd 10%.

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