Flax-7 finds oil pay

INNAMINCKA Petroleum's Flax-7 ST1 development well in the Cooper Basin has been cased at a depth of 2810m and logged about 10m of oil pay, the company said today.

According to Innamincka, preliminary wireline logs run during the past week show oil pay in the basal Patchawarra-Tirrawarra section.

The top of the Tirrawarra reservoir and the LKO were intersected 6m deeper than the previous lowest intersection at Flax East ST1, the company said.

Flax-7, in permit PRL 14, will be included in the company's fraccing and testing program planned for June-August this year.

Innamincka said the rig has been released and will now move to the Crocus South 1 exploration well.

Participants in PRL 14 are: Innamincka (operator) 75% and SCGAU 25%.

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