Time for FLNG?

IT was exciting news last week that Prelude Floating LNG (FLNG) has received its commissioning cargo.  It’s certainly a milestone in the development of the technology.  

Time for FLNG? Time for FLNG? Time for FLNG? Time for FLNG? Time for FLNG?

There is plenty of gas out there, but getting to it is the question says Jeanette Roberts

FLNG has many advantages, not the least of which is the opportunity to commercialise stranded gas, very distant from infrastructure and markets.
In Australia we have some 40 gas fields with reserves under 5 trillion cubic feet and many  of them are located offshore Western Australia, far from the main markets along the eastern seaboard.
So the challenge is to deliver the gas to the customers.  
FLNG can be the solution to this challenge.
Arguably projects the scale of Prelude are the domain of the supermajors. With a price tag of US$12 billion, there are not too many companies which can play in that space.