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ENERGY News Bulletin has just released its inaugural cost survey which will contribute to the ENB Costs Report, an important new resource for the international energy industry as a precursor to branching out into a research arm to more closely study the concerns of a changing industry.
Take the ENB cost survey now Take the ENB cost survey now Take the ENB cost survey now Take the ENB cost survey now Take the ENB cost survey now

Staff Reporter

The 2019 ENB Costs Report will provide a comprehensive analysis of current market sentiment about this important area and contemplate the question: Can we bank on the savings of the downturn? 
The oil price downturn of several years coupled with last year's volatility have underlined the importance of careful spending on projects, affecting both explorers and producers and the wider services sector. 
We invite you to participate in this survey, which will take approximately five minutes, so you can have input into one of the main concerns of industry. 
By taking this survey, you can be assured of both anonymity and confidentiality. 
Only aggregate results will be published. 
The results of the survey will be widely distributed throughout the industry and take its pulse at a time when optimism is picking up locally but international events still have an effect on prices at home. 
The final result will deliver a full research report,  expert analysis and opinion from the ENB editorial team and key industry players, including lead ENB researcher and Energy News columnist Jeanette Roberts.
Contact our commercial team for more details of ENB Research partnership opportunities, including content marketing, thought leadership, targeted branding and survey participation.
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