NERA proposes new regulatory effort

AUSTRALIA will help guide the development of international standards for use across the oil and gas sector through collaboration between two of the country’s pre-eminent industry bodies: Standards Australia and the National Energy Resources Australia.
NERA proposes new regulatory effort NERA proposes new regulatory effort NERA proposes new regulatory effort NERA proposes new regulatory effort NERA proposes new regulatory effort

Angel platform on the North West Shelf.

Haydn Black


NERA has proposed the formation of a new technical committee to mirror the International Organisation for Standardisation Technical Committee, known as ISO TC 67.
TC 67 is the international standards development committee responsible for materials, equipment and offshore structures for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.
Participating status with ISO TC 67 will provide Australia with a strong voice on the future development of international oil and gas standards. 
Uptake of international standards will help eliminate technical barriers to trade, and contribute to improved competitiveness and productivity whilst also improving the social and environmental sustainability of the oil and gas industry.
"This industry focused collaboration brings NERA's vision for achieving a globally competitive, innovative, diverse and sustainable energy resources industry, together with Standards Australia's commitment to delivering widely recognised and demonstrated value to Australia's economic efficiency, trade and international competitiveness, and to the community's expectation of a safe and sustainable Australia," NERA CEO Miranda Taylor said this morning.
Australian oil and gas industry regulators will participate on the Standards Australia technical mirror committee, along with key industry stakeholders, to help build a nationally consistent approach to the uptake of standards across Australia's regulatory regimes.
She said the way was open to Australia becoming an internationally recognised leader in ensuring the safety and quality of products and services in the oil and gas industry, facilitating international trade and improving the environment worldwide.
"The development of oil and gas standards will help promote sustainability and innovation and enhance links between stakeholders across the energy resources sector. These are important goals for Standards Australia and NERA alike, making it a logical and strategic collaboration," Standards Australia CEO Dr Bronwyn Evans said.
NERA was established last year to maximise the value of the energy sector to the Australian economy by assisting the sector manage cost structures and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and promote fit-for-purpose regulation.