Elizabeth Warren's pledge for a Green New Deal

THE Democratic primary race is still anyone’s game, but one thing for sure is that Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is polling as one of the top three candidates.
Elizabeth Warren's pledge for a Green New Deal Elizabeth Warren's pledge for a Green New Deal Elizabeth Warren's pledge for a Green New Deal Elizabeth Warren's pledge for a Green New Deal Elizabeth Warren's pledge for a Green New Deal

Paul Hunt

Senior Journalist: Energy & Commodities

Paul Hunt

In an opinion piece for BuzzFeed News the far-left Warren outlined how her first 100 days in office would begin with her controversial Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal is a proposed piece of US legislation championed by the left of the Democrats aimed at addressing climate change and economic inequality.

In her column, Warren said she would issue a "sweeping executive order" on her first day in office to roll back all of Donald Trump's pro-fossil fuel policies.

On her first day Warren also plans to ban all new fossil fuel leases offshore in federal waters and on federal lands and will recommit the US to the Paris Climate Accords, recently undone by current president Donald Trump.

"America needs a president who won't just recognise the urgency of this crisis, but one who will lead the country toward a clean energy future at the speed and scale that science demands," Warren wrote.

Warren vowed to decarbonise the entire country's electricity sector, vehicles and buildings by 2030.

Another measure a Warren administration would take to tackle climate change would be a new risk disclosure requirement to "hold corporations accountable for their role in worsening the climate crisis, using market forces to accelerate the transition away from dirty fossil fuels".

She also indicated limiting oil and gas industry access to Washington.

"Fossil fuel billionaires like the Koch Brothers and big corporations like ExxonMobil pay hundreds of millions to lobbyists, so-called think tanks and politicians so that they can keep drilling," Warren wrote.

"This ends in a Warren administration."

Warren likened her war on the oil and gas sector to that of "defeating Nazis" and "putting a man on the moon."

While former vice president Joe Biden remains the lead candidate in the democratic race according to more than 40 opinion polls over the last fortnight, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is the runner-up and Elizabeth Warren close behind.

Warren and Bernie cannot be discounted at this point as the primary will not be decided until around June.

Former president Barrack Obama was miles behind the polls at the start of his five-month primary race. He beat favourite Hillary Clinton and served two terms as president.