Slugcatcher elbows out JR and points Hollywood to the Hague

Move over, the Ewings of Dallas!. If Hollywood is ever lost for an idea for a new mini-series will someone

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08 NOV 2004

Slugcatcher asks Timor Leste's econo-puppeteers: what is the cost of a reality check?

Learner drivers were once taught this simple rule of the road: �The right of way is something to which


03 NOV 2004
Slugcatcher: ugly sisters prepare to show their blooming figures

Slugcatcher: ugly sisters prepare to show their blooming figures

How good is good? This is the week when we all find out because over the next few days the five ugly

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25 OCT 2004

Slugcatcher looks at Tassie's map 'o' Eden

Not many things terrify Slugcatcher. He�s slithered, flat on his back, through a gap in freshly-blasted

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19 OCT 2004
Slugcatcher: Economics Class 101

Slugcatcher: Economics Class 101

Economics 101: Welcome to the class boys and girls. The first question today is what happens to a business

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12 OCT 2004

Slugcatcher's new dance for this US$50/bbl disco - the step out

Always interesting, even to a casual observer - petroleum exploration with the oil price around $US50

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05 OCT 2004

Slugcatcher report card on Shell: "can do better"

As Slugcatcher speculated in last week�s ponderings about the outlook for Royal Dutch/Shell, Jeroen van


27 SEP 2004

Slugcatcher: Shell problems a tale of two tales

It isn�t often that anyone feels a twinge of sympathy for a big oil company. Yet the bizarre case of

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21 SEP 2004

Slugcatcher: Is BHP playing the LNG game?

If Japan and China are keen to buy more liquefied natural gas from Australia, and the U.S. is knocking

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14 SEP 2004

Slugcatcher: Tales from the crypt (Pt 2)

With pre-emptive apologies, Slugcatcher proposes just a few moments of gloating. Two weeks ago it was

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08 SEP 2004

Slugcatcher: Watching a pipeline going around in a circle.

The imminent sale of the Dampier to Bunbury natural gas pipeline in WA for a reported $1.86 billion draws

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01 SEP 2004

Slugcatcher: Tales from the crypt

Sifting the wheat from the chaff is an old agricultural saying that few petroleum types think much about.

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26 AUG 2004

Slugcatcher off the mark: NZ explorer

No radical change is needed in western oil policies regarding hydrocarbon reserves, says leading Kiwi

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23 AUG 2004

Slugcatcher: Does George Dubya have the pins to prick the pricing bubble?

Here�s a curious thought: �the world has never run out of minerals�. Fascinating isn�t it, and strangely

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19 AUG 2004
Slugcatcher: Shame on the LA Times

Slugcatcher: Shame on the LA Times

Golden bandicoots, burrowing bettongs, and the fat-tailed marsupial mouse are not a conventional topic


12 AUG 2004
Slugcatcher: East Timor

Slugcatcher: East Timor's royalties have started already - for the advisors

Is Slugcatcher missing the point or is there something awfully sad, not to mention there being a sense


05 AUG 2004

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