Shareholder movements, week ending August 19

MERCORELLA, Brimage, Entek; de Vietri into Baraka; Petroleum Ventures into, Fearis out of, Carnarvon; Matthews Capital Partners, MM&E Capital, UBS Nominees and Millennium Partners LP into Voyager; Rockfield, Roy Barry Rushworth and Skye Grantee Ltd into Pancontinental; Presser, Beach; Matthews Capital into Arc; Smith into Impress; 452 Capital out of Magellan; CBA into Origin; Becker out of Caspian; AMP Ltd into Hillgrove; Lane out of Tap; CBA out of Moby.

ENTEK ENERGY LTD: Former director Guiseppe Mercorella retains a direct interest in 1,030,927 ordinary fully paid shares and an indirect interest in 984,541 ordinary fully paid shares and 219,543


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