Shareholder movements, week ending February 10

Trustees out of AED, into ARF; various into Alinta; Goldman Sachs into Arc, ABN AMRO out of AWE; Drillsearch, Hermes into Bounty; Warburton, Thorn into Caltex; Reveleigh into Drillsearch; Ingalls & Snyder, ESG; FMR and Fidelity out of Elixir; Cook, Wood into Elk; Chimaera into Energy Investments; Origin, Envestra; Limb into GOP; Atkins, Burdett, Marion; CBA into Nexus; Ganke into Longreach; Minotaur, Petratherm; Lane, Underwood out, UBS and MIR into Tap; Holcomb, Leenerts, Tomahawk.

AED OIL LTD: Equity Trustees Limited as RE for SGH PI Smaller Company's Trust ceased to be a substantial shareholder on February 1.