Shareholder Movements for the week ending November 20

PAUL Massarotto, Blue Energy; Fisher, Proffitt, Carnegie Wave Energy; Carson, Parsons, Sandy into Caspian Oil and Gas; Zadnik into Otto Energy; Platypus into Po Valley Energy; Boeckmann into BHP Billiton; Shields into Carbon Conscious; Rose into Ceramic Fuel Cells; Beach Petroleum out of Drillsearch Energy; Golar, Marshall out of Liquefied Natural Gas; Breamline out of Maverick Energy; IOOF Holdings out of Mermaid Marine Australia; Horwood into Oil Search; Westoz out of Pearl Street.

BLUE ENERGY: Dr Paul Massarotto acquired 28,000 ordinary shares for $6,052.95 in on-market trade on November 16. Following this transaction, he now directly holds 460,000 ordinary shares.


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