Basra terminal resumes operations

Iraqi Oil Minister, Mohammad Bahr al-Uloum, has announced the resumption of operations at the Basra terminal, 27 hours after it was the target of a terrorist suicide bomb attack.

According to Mohammad, “Iraqi teams [have] restored operations. The damage was limited and exports are flowing back at the same rates.”

“Only living quarters, several electrical generators and minor installations sustained damage when three suicide bombers in three boats blew themselves up on Saturday in and around the Basra terminal zone,” added the minister.

The US military is currently investigating the incident but it is believed the attack involved four boats, one of which was coordinating the attack.

The terminal currently exports 85% of Iraq’s 1.9 million bpd of crude and is the country’s only reliable export route as the onshore pipelines are prone to acts of sabotage. The Basra terminal is one of the most heavily guarded of its kind in the world.