Russia must re-bid for Iraqi contracts

Iraq’s Charge d'Affaires in Russia, Hisham Abdul-Razzaq Ibrahim, has warned Russian companies operating under the UN Oil-for-Food program they will have to re-tender those contracts.

In an interview with Interfax Hisham said, “Russia should occupy an important place in restoring the fuel and energy sector in Iraq [but] as soon as the validity of [the Oil-for-Food] program has expired, the companies that concluded those contracts will have to rearrange them through tenders.”

However, the official did state Russia’s Interenergoservis’s contract would remain as is. According to Hisham, “It is important to say that the contract with that company will not be revised. We need Interenergoservis specialists to be present in Iraq.”

Interenergoservis is involved in the restoring of power facilities in Iraq.

Hisham also sought to reassure Russian firms oil exports in the strife-torn country will be well protected. According to the official, “To ensure safe oil exports, the Iraqi government has drafted a plan under which all industrial facilities will be protected by the army and police.”

“The principal expectations in this matter will be pinned on the interim government forces, but in case of a greater danger, the Iraqis could ask the multinational forces for help,” he added.