BHPB turns on second Algerian project

BHP Billiton’s second Algerian project has come online over the weekend. The ROD Integrated Development in the Berkine Basin flowed an initial 18,000 barrels of oil per day through the neighbouring BRN processing facility.

BHPB plans to process the oil ROD central processing facility later this year, after which production will thereafter rise to approximately 80,000 barrels of Saharan Blend crude oil per day.

The ROD Integrated Development consists of the development of six satellite oilfields in the Berkine Basin. Associated gas and water will be reinjected into the reservoir to provide pressure support to the reservoir. A total of 34 development wells have been drilled and are available for production operations.

Philip Aiken, ggroup president energy, said “The ROD Integrated Development represents our second development in Algeria. ROD and the Ohanet Development have given us a platform for growth and we are delighted to have acquired further exploration acreage in Blocks 408a/409 in the recent 5th Algerian International Bid Round.”

The capital cost of the project is forecast to be within the original budget and BHP Billiton’s share is US$192 million.

BHP Billiton funded 36.04 per cent of the capital project and ENI funded the remaining 63.96 per cent.

An entity comprising Sonatrach/BHP Billiton is joint operator of the development phase and the production phase will be jointly operated by an entity comprising Sonatrach/ENI.