Shefcik-3 well looks promising: Strike

STRIKE Oil has continued its good fortune in the Texas Gulf Coast, after announcing its Shefcik-3 well on the Mesquite Project, which is currently being completed for production testing, is likely to be a commercial producer.

Gas logs, mud logs and petrophysical logs have indicated similar results to adjacent producing wells, which suggest the well is likely to be a commercial producer from the primary target Wilcox Formation sands, according to Strike.

US-based operator Cypress E&P Corp on Tuesday was setting a five-inch casing at the well, which was drilled to a total depth of 3719m.

Flow testing to confirm commerciality is expected to be carried out after testing of the additional zones in the Shefcik-1 well is completed in the next two to three weeks.

Late last month, the company announced its nearby Webernick-1 well had been confirmed as a producer and was likely to perform similarly to Shefcik-1, which has boosted daily production to 7.1 million cubic feet of gas and 170 barrels of oil condensate.

Strike has a 26.5% working interest in the Mesquite B Prospect, with Cypress holding the remainder.