Ceramic Fuel Cells appoints new CEO

CERAMIC Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) has appointed manufacturing and energy industry veteran Brendan Dow as its new chief executive officer, replacing Alan Conduit who left in December.
Ceramic Fuel Cells appoints new CEO Ceramic Fuel Cells appoints new CEO Ceramic Fuel Cells appoints new CEO Ceramic Fuel Cells appoints new CEO Ceramic Fuel Cells appoints new CEO

Dow has extensive senior level experience in the manufacturing and energy industries as well as international business development.

He is leaving his position as managing director of Ziehl-ebm Australia after nine years to join CFCL, aiming to take the company to the international energy generation and appliance market. Ziehl-ebm Australia is a market leader in the integration and supply of electric motors, control systems and fans to a diverse range of markets.

While heading Ziehl-ebm, Mr Dow successfully changed the business structure and market position, consistently achieving increased sales and profitability, CFCL said. Dow also has experience in acquisitions and business re-structures, and in establishing manufacturing joint ventures and wholly owned operations in Asia.

He has also led new sales and marketing activities through third party and joint ventures in Europe and South East Asia, and penetration of new markets through R&D projects with appliance manufacturers, said CFCL executive chairman Julian Dinsdale.

“CFCL welcomes Brendan Dow with his experience and contacts with major international manufacturing companies in UK, Europe, Asia and Australia,” Dinsdale said.

”His strategic business acumen, international sales and marketing skills, and knowledge of the electricity industry − customers, markets and supply − will be valuable in his role at CFCL.”

“CFCL is moving along the commercial path and shifting focus from pure R&D to manufacturing and sales. Brendan will be a great asset to the company as we move further along this path, in particular in gaining joint venture agreements for manufacture of our fuel cells and the sale of our fuel cells to application development partners."

Dow is expected to join CFCL in the next two months. He said CFCL was a leader in Australia in the development of fuel cell technology and had the capacity to be a significant world player in the supply of fuel cells for the stationary electricity market.