Habanero-3 gets logged

GEODYNAMICS has finished wireline logging operations across the main reservoir section of the Habanero-3 appraisal well, which reached a total depth of 4221m last week.
Habanero-3 gets logged Habanero-3 gets logged Habanero-3 gets logged Habanero-3 gets logged Habanero-3 gets logged

As a result, the company said the fracture zone was clearly visible in the image log for the first time.

“This has provided for better definition of the fracture model required for establishing the longevity of the circulation system,” Geodynamics said.

In addition, the company said it has inserted the slotted steel liner as planned into the bottom open hole section of the well in a bid to maintain well integrity.

However, the company said completion of the well had been delayed by about a week after a temporary suspension plug failed to set correctly.

As of yesterday, Geodynamics was attempting to recover the plug using a drill pipe.

“While this was an unplanned event, contingency plans were in place and it is expected to be a routine recovery operation, unfortunately delaying completion by around a week,” the company said.

“Following the well completion, the company will immediately move forward with preparing for the open circulation testing between Habanero-1 and 3.”

To be completed near the end of February, the open circulation test involves releasing steam at the surface and is designed to demonstrate the resistance of the circulating loop between the Habanero-1 injection well and the Habanero-3 production well.

A successful test here would mark the ‘proof-of-concept’ and completion of Stage One of the company’s business plan.

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