Enzen moves into Adelaide

INDIA-based Enzen opened its Australian head office in Adelaide yesterday, seeing excellent prospects in Australia’s changing energy market and technology sector CEO Kutty Prabakaran told Energy News yesterday.
Enzen moves into Adelaide Enzen moves into Adelaide Enzen moves into Adelaide Enzen moves into Adelaide Enzen moves into Adelaide


Helen Clark


Enzen has plans to work with Ausgrid in New South Wales and the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group on tech solutions and how to integrate operations after the company was formed from three separate entities. 
Prabakaran said his company was looking at to streamline processes across three businesses and assessing a future technology platform that can sew those three businesses together.
The Australian Gas Infrastructure Group came together from the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline, Multinet Gas and Australian Gas Networks. 
They are also planning to work with the Power and Water Corporation in Darwin. 
Enzen also supplies downstream solutions like solar power solutions for off-grid clients making the transition from diesel and energy management solutions for companies from fisheries to wineries. 
The plan is for these companies to be less reliant on grid power and to become producers themselves with one cattle farm client in Alice Springs planning to switch to renewable sources and then expand into potato farming. 
Enzen Australia CEO and co-founder Dileep Viswanath said a key area of focus was the disruption of the energy market as customers become producers through their own generation and network utilities having to transform their traditional regulated business models. 
The company is already actively partnering with the South Australian government in undertaking energy audits of local businesses to understand their consumption and demand patterns and explore energy efficiency improvements.
"On the basis of that information, we will explore local energy solutions such as solar, wind, hybrid options or other comprehensive options to create sustainable and cost competitive solutions with the potential that these businesses can become producers of energy and less reliant on grid power," Viswanath said. 
"Our prime focus in Australia will be to bring in niche engineering and automation solutions to address accelerated renewables implementation and manage the associated stress and cost on grid, combined with technology and engineering expertise to guarantee sustainability."
Enzen has also serviced the Macquarie Bank-led consortium which bought a controlling stake in NSW power distributor Endeavour Energy this year; Ausgrid electricity networks in New South Wales; the Northern Territory Power and Water Corporation, SA Power Networks.
There are three main reasons for the move into Australia Prabakaran said. 
"We see there is a big energy disruption happening in Australia, consumers are becoming producers and networks need to transform," he explained to Energy News. 
"We also see some excellent technology in Australia in energy and water [management] that can be taken to the rest of the world, and we see a very close collaboration in the academic world and industry here."
Since starting in 2006 Enzen has grown to have a presence in UK, India, Australia, the US, Spain, Turkey, Middle-East, Africa and Kazakhstan.