Training software plays it safe

BRISBANE-based software developer Projection Australia has reported an upsurge in interest for its Scenario TES (Training-Safety) module driven by changes to workplace health and safety acts and regulations.

Regardless of the regulations in these acts, Projection Australia argues there are several factors in common across all industries, states and territories:

• Employers are legally and morally responsible for the safety and health of all people at their work place, regardless of their employment status;

• This responsibility implies employers must provide a safe and secure working environment and ensure all employees are competent to perform their duties; and

• Competencies must be assessed against recognised standards, and in the case of high-risk activities, systems must be in place to ensure these competencies are maintained.

Scenario TES was built as a complete management tool for the petroleum, power, mining, construction, engineering and rail industries. It is flexible enough to adapt to any environment requiring tight control of employee and contractor competencies and training, according to Projection Australia.

“Scenario TES has been designed with a firm eye on the real world and the problems that need to be solved by real world people who are managing training and safety on a day to day basis,” the company said. “This system can be deployed for use on a single laptop, or on an enterprise level server for the entire organisation.”

Scenario TES is intended to integrate seamlessly with site security devices such as boom gates and turnstiles, providing competency based access control.

“This enables the training-safety departments to have confidence that no individual with insufficient or expired competencies will be allowed to pass through the site ingress point without being flagged and appropriate personnel notified,” Projection Australia said. “Appropriate workflows can then be triggered as a result.”

Training and recruitment provider Astra Group Services said Scenario TES was an effective system.

“Auditing of employee-contractor training, competency and safety can become a time consuming exercise,” Astra Group director Anthony Beasley said.

“However with the Scenario TES Training-Safety management system, both time and money are saved, with assurance of up-to-date reporting for auditing compliance. It also makes it a lot easier when ASTRA Group Services provides contract HSE professionals on to sites if the process is streamlined, applying itself to industry standards.”

According to Projection Australia, the system also records and monitors information relating to incidents on-site, enhancing personnel records, training and safety.

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