Sticky protest

TWO British anti-fraccing protestors were arrested yesterday for their Superglue-assisted blockade to an IGas drilling site in Barton Moss, Greater Manchester.
Sticky protest Sticky protest Sticky protest Sticky protest Sticky protest

The women Superglued themselves to a barrel of concrete inside a Ford Escort used to block the only vehicle access to the site, according to the Mirror newspaper.

The concrete was reportedly wedged to the ground through a hole cut in the bottom of the car.

The protestors, with one saying there were "so many problems with fraccing", were removed from the car after 2.5 hours with the car towed 30 minutes later.

The UK government aims to usher in significant shale drilling through tax breaks but various environmental groups are ramping up anti-fraccing campaigns.

A Public Health England report in November found only low risks with shale gas extraction, including fracturing the shale.