Cocaine bust on North Sea platform

WRAPS of cocaine were reportedly found on the Talisman Sinopec Energy-operated Piper Bravo platform in the North Sea yesterday with the news first revealed in a Facebook posting.
Cocaine bust on North Sea platform Cocaine bust on North Sea platform Cocaine bust on North Sea platform Cocaine bust on North Sea platform Cocaine bust on North Sea platform

According to Scotland's Daily Record, the claims that the cocaine was found in a stairwell of the platform surfaced on the Facebook page The Rig Workers Rant.

The initial post reportedly read: "Quality big major drug bust on the Piper wraps of coke found in the stairwell full platform getting the p*ss test as we speak ..."

Someone reportedly responded: "Who the f&ck would be that desperate to take gear offshore. Idiot."

Talisman later confirmed that all staff on the platform did undergo drug testing while Scottish police told the newspaper a joint investigation with the platform operator was underway.

"It's understood the suspected drugs were being flown by helicopter from the platform, 120 northeast of Aberdeen, and handed over to police for analysis," the newspaper reported.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers's offshore union leader Jake Molloy said those responsible should be sacked.

"That people would be doing that kind of stuff in a major hazard environment is just crazy," he reportedly said.

"They are not only endangering themselves but every single person round about them."

The Piper Bravo platform is reportedly 120 metres away from the wreck buoy remains of the Piper Alpha platform, which exploded in 1988 and killed 167 men.

Wraps of cocaine in the UK typically consist of one-gram amounts folded into cut-up lottery tickets.

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