Tempting EM tool

LONDON-listed Enteq Upstream has released a new twin electro-magnetic telemetry system, offering an alternative or supplement to traditional mud pulse telemetry to transmit drilling data.
Tempting EM tool Tempting EM tool Tempting EM tool Tempting EM tool Tempting EM tool

Haydn Black


Enteq, which provides systems and components for measurement while drilling (MWD) and directional drilling, says its new system offers high-speed electromagnetic MWD telemetry.

Uniquely, the system enables the use of mud pulse and EM telemetry concurrently, giving quicker EM data transmission while offering full redundancy, the firm said.

Its TEMT system is based on EM wave technology used for transmitting drilling data uphole.

The EM telemetry system encodes downhole MWD data into low frequency EM waves, and the signal is transmitted from the tool through the formation and detected on the surface.

The TEMT system works deeper and faster and is much more power-efficient than previous EM systems, Enteq CEO Martin Perry said.

The system was developed and commercialised in cooperation with UK-based Leading Magnetic Design, and Canada's Drill-Tek.

Enteq has agreements with the two companies to further develop and market the technology, which is based on Enteq's earlier XXT downhole electronics platform.

"The Twin EM Telemetry System is the first dual telemetry system on the market and demonstrates a step-change in performance, including power efficiency, which is a significant commercial attribute. The system is field proven and has established a strong track record in North America and internationally," Perry said.

He said the new system will allow customers to drill more efficiently by sending more data with added reliability and redundancy.