Personnel Movements

IN TODAY'S Personnel Movements: UTEC poaches MOL UK founder; Acteon launches new field life service; and AGC lures ex-Schlumberger man as CEO.

UTEC Survey

Acteon company UTEC Survey has appointed Caroline McGovern as its new head of finance.

McGovern was MOL Energy UK's chief financial officer, where she was a founding director which has grown to comprise 2 0 North Sea exploration and production licenses.

Before that she was EnQuest's finance manager for four years, including its IPO on the UK stock market and led its subsequent asset consolidation and growth.


Acteon has launched Field Life Service (FLS) which offers a "joined-up" approach to the capital and operating expenditure challenges currently rife in the oil and gas industry, with Paul Alcock heading it up as president.

"There is a clear need for standardisation and repeatability driven by ‘fit for purpose' specification, skilled resource sharing, informed condition maintenance management and efficient asset utilisation. Acteon FLS is a step down this road," Alcock said.

American Gilsonite Company

David Gallagher has become president and CEO of AGC, which supplies Gilsonite hydrocarbon resin, after Ted Stevens announced he was retiring after 17 years at the company.

Gallagher joined AGC in 2013 as senior vice president of commercial operations and has more than 30 years' experience working in engineering, operations, product development and executive management at Schlumberger, CARBO Ceramics and Baker Hughes.

Trademarked Gilsonite is a naturally occurring asphaltite that binds and strengthens as an additive for drilling fluids and cementing. AGC recently opened an advanced testing and evaluation centre in Houston where clients help develop high-performance products for specific applications.