Shareholder movements

Challenger Financial Services into Energy Developments; David Clarke out of Stuart Petroleum; JP Morgan Chase & Co out of Novus; AMP out of Oil Search; Monarch Resources out of Anzoil; John Begg, Ray Barnes and Peter Leonhardt out of Voyager.

Challenger Financial Services has become a substantial shareholder in Energy Developments with the purchase of 7,270,190 ordinary shares (5.42%), while Paul Anthony Whiteman & Others reduced its holding from 8,424,806 (6.422%)shares to 5,162,770 (3.85%) shares.

David Clarke sold 700,000 shares in Stuart Petroleum for an average consideration of 75.0457 cents per share.

JP Morgan Chase and Co has cuts it interest in Novus Petroleum from16,570,209 shares (9.01%) to 13,833,525 shares (7.52%).

AMP has ceased to be a substantial shareholder in Oil Search.

Monarch Resources has cut its interest in Anzoil from 24,250,000 shares (17.68%) to 22,600,000 shares (16.45%).

Due to the expiry of options exercisable at $0.21 cents on or before 31 December 2006, Voyager Energy's John Begg has disposed of 800,040 options, while Ray Barnes and Peter Leonhardt disposed of 400,020.