FPSO COVID-19 outbreak

ONE of the largest floating production storage offloading vessel providers SBM Offshore has confirmed an outbreak of COVID-19 on one of its vessels, but failed to tell shareholders and media which FPSO has been affected.
FPSO COVID-19 outbreak FPSO COVID-19 outbreak FPSO COVID-19 outbreak FPSO COVID-19 outbreak FPSO COVID-19 outbreak

Paul Hunt

Senior Journalist: Energy & Commodities

Paul Hunt


SBM Offshore, which owns the Kikeh FPSO offshore Kuala Lumpur on the Kikeh oilfield, employs more than 4350 people worldwide. It has a swathe of vessels globally throughout North America, Europe and South America. 

In a statement released on Friday, the oil and gas service provider said it had medevaced crewmembers with symptoms from one of its FPSOs back to shore. 

However, it did not reveal how many crew members were sick, or what condition they were in. 

The company said it had confirmed a "number of positive COVID-19 cases" and was assessing the situation with authorities. 

"To keep offshore operations safe and stable, only essential maintenance is performed and crew rotations have been extended for those offshore while their upcoming counterparts are in self-quarantine at monitored facilities onshore," SBM Offshore said. 

The company said shipyards in Asia were now reopened, and work on its new fleet was ongoing.