Shareholder movements

Peter Allchurch out of Amity Oil; Impress out of MBox; Aveng Ltd into McConnell Dowell.

Amity director Peter Allchurch sold 200,000 Amity stock to pocket a little over $150,000. He still has control of more than 4.5 million AYO shares.

Impress has released a substantial holding in Mbox by selling 8,500,000 shares at 6.1c per share, over a third of its assets in the company, raising proceeds of $518,000.

The independent directors of McConnell Dowell recommended that the South African-based Aveng Ltd, which controls 63% of the MDC stock, be allowed to move to take 100% of the company. The South African parent had extended finance of around $20 million in recent months to assist McConnell Dowell with cash flow problems.

AlintaGas has issued 8,000,000 ordinary shares at $4.50, raising $36 million, to partially fund a buyback of 36 million ordinary shares from WA Gas Holdings.