Shareholder Movements

Perpetual Trustees Australia, Alinta; Perpetual Trustees Australia, Tap Oil; Chieftain Securities, PCH Group; Barclay’s Global Investors, Origin; Eddie Smith, Impress Ventures; Ernest Albers, Andrew Rigg, Warwick Bisley, James Willis, Christopher Hart, Walter Dewe, Methanol Australia; Neil Philip, Nexus; Richard Tweedie, Ken Hoolihan, Ernest Albers, Leon Musca, Cue Energy; Matthew Lewis, Paul Matich, Paul Puppazonni, Range Resources; Woodside, Oil Search.

Perpetual Trustees Australia has increased its interest in Alinta from 11,535,357 (7.21%) ordinary shares to 14,150,144 (8.42%). At the same time PPT decreased their relevant interest in Tap Oil from 13,761,477 (8.88%) to 12,202,901 (7.87%).

Chieftain Securities sold 12,000,000 ordinary shares in the PCH Group for a consideration of $2,640,000.

Barclay's Global Investors ceased to be a substantial shareholder in Origin Energy on 3/6/2003 selling 32,551, 691 ordinary shares.

Eddie Smith has indirectly acquired another 270,000 ordinary shares in Impress Ventures, taking his holdings to 6,390,524 shares.

Six of the directors in Methanol Australia have increased their interests in the company by acquiring ordinary shares: Ernest Albers acquired 189,999 shares; Andrew Rigg 18,315; Warwick Bisley 25,635; James Willis 39,870; Christopher Hart 22,951; Walter Dewe 22,951.

Neil Philip has acquired 58,443 ordinary shares in Nexus Energy for a consideration of $3,377.

Richard Tweedie, Ken Hoolihan and Leon Musca have each acquired 119,533 ordinary shares in Cue Energy Resources while Ernest Albers bought 894,280 and sold 655,214.

Matthew Lewis and Paul Puppazonni have each acquired 50,000 options in Range Resourcesexercisable at $0.10 each on or before 30 June 2004. Paul Matich also took hold of 250,000 options exercisable at $0.10 each on or before 30 June 2004.

Woodside sold its 74,914,500 (6.7%) shareholding in Oil Search on 8/7/2003 at a $0.83 per share for a consideration of $62.2 million.

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