Pipeline leaks halt Singapore gas supply

The ongoing gas supply problems between Indonesia and Singapore have continued with supplies to Singapore now come to a temporary all stop due to the ruptures in the pipeline. However, supplies to Malaysia, totalling 70 million-million standard cubic feet, are still continuing.

Tjokro Suprihartono, chief of the security division at Indonesia's oil and gas authority BP Migas, admitted, "We found the leakages of gas pipelines two weeks ago but we don't know whether or not they are already repaired [and we cannot] determine the cause of the leaks at this stage."

"We hope the supply can be resumed soon after completion of the repair," said Suprihartono who also confirmed that, in a bid to overcome the supply hassles to Singapore, BP Migas "had supplied gas to Singapore from South Sumatra Grisik through other pipelines."

Three consortiums - comprising of Contractor Production Sharing ConocoPhilips, Star Energy and Primer Oil - all supply the Natuna gas through the one pipe.