Antares busy in Texas

PERTH-based deep gas explorer Antares Energy is busy with five concurrent gas wildcats in Texas.

Antares busy in Texas

In an exploration update, the company today said the testing program at the Harrison-1 well at the Oyster Creek project in Brazoria County, Texas, is nearing completion.

It said at this point, the lower Anomalina “A” primary zone has been tested at a flow rate of about 2.5 million cubic feet per day and about 120 barrels of condensate per day on a small 12/64-inch choke.

Antares said this was a short “flow restricted” test to minimise the possibility of reservoir damage and to collect bottom hole pressure measurements.

A retrievable bridge plug was then set to isolate this zone from the upper

Anomalina “A”.

“The upper Anomalina ‘A’ has now been perforated and on initial flowback was producing gas at greater than 2MMcfd,” Antares said.

“These results are in keeping with expectations at this point in the testing program.

“Productive zones of our choosing will be dual completed for final sales.”

Antares holds a 75% interest in Harrison-1.

The company said once the Harrison-1 program is completed, the project’s Scott-2 well, in which it holds 67.5%, will be production tested.

Meanwhile, the company said the Ilse-1 well in the New Taiton project in Wharton County, Texas, has drilled to a provisional total depth of 17,000 feet (5181.6m) and is preparing to run wireline logs to evaluate shows encountered during drilling.

Depending on interpretation of the wireline logs, the well may be deepened to the original planned total depth of 17,300ft.

Participants in Ilse-1 are operator S. Lavon Evans, Jr Operating Co (30%), Antares (25%), Adelphi Energy (25%), Index Oil & Gas (10%) and private US interests (10%).

Elsewhere, at the Little Bear project in the Garcitas Ranch prospect in Victoria County, the Garcitas Ranch C-1 well is being readied for production testing and the testing crew is now on location.

Meanwhile, the Garcitas Ranch C-2 well began drilling on March 6 and is now at a depth of 5023ft.

Surface casing was set and cemented to a depth of 2897ft and next logging run is planned at a depth of 5700ft.

Antares holds a 23.5% interest in the Little Bear project.


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A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the energy sector, brought to you by the Energy News Bulletin Intelligence team.


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