Beach tests Eromanga well

Beach Petroleum is testing the Warragon-1 oil discovery in Queensland permit ATP-269P to determine if it is commercial.

Clean-up operations are taking place at the well until a stabilised flow rate is achieved. The joint venture will then decide whether the well flow is commercial.

Testing on the well started in March to determine whether water produced on initial completion was formation water or drilling mud filtrate.

Permit partner Entek Energy said another well in the block, Marcoola-1 resumed production at the end of March after it was worked over to replace a failed downhole pump.

Entek said Marcoola-1 is expected to produce about 1500-1800 barrels per month when operating at full capacity.

The company also said Beach was forced to shut-in Byrock-2 after heavy rains on March 23 prevented access to the field. The road remained impassable to trucks at the end of March.

Partners in ATP-269P are operator Beach (46.95%), Entek (28.15%), IOR Exploration (20%) and Santos (4.9%).

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