PODCAST: FBI-CRC - forging Australia's future battery industry

Cooperative centre at the cutting edge of Australian battery research.

Mark Tilly

Senior Journalist

Mark Tilly
The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBI-CRC) is enabling the growth of battery industries to power Australia's future. 
The group bring together industry, researchers, governments and the community to ensure Australia plays a leading role in the global battery revolution.

Battery storage systems have been rising to prominence in recent years, as governments and large energy users look at ways of shoring up electricity supply in grids and operations in a way that doesn't increase greenhouse gas emissions.

The increasing global uptake of electric vehicles and home batteries is also expected to create a massive demand for not only raw materials to make the batteries but advanced refining and manufacturing industries. 

Deeper discussions and policy moves are  underway to develop Australia's battery supply chains to leverage this growing demand, in the hopes of making Australia a battery material exporter to the rest of the world. 

But before that can happen, crucial policy, regulations and research and development must be put in place so Australia can put its best foot forward in the international race to capitalise on this booming industry.  

We speak to FBI-CRC CEO Stedman Ellis about some of the major projects its working on, as well as the domestic and international opportunities for the nation's battery industry as the world embarks on the energy transition.
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