Measure. Monitor. Manage. Mitigate.

Qteq has recently announced the launch of a new flagship Qanti-Fi fugitive emissions product line

Measure. Monitor. Manage. Mitigate.

Qteq has recently announced the launch of a new flagship Qanti-Fi fugitive emissions product line. This announcement comes at a crucial time for the global energy sector, as it grapples with increasing societal pressure and stricter government regulations to accurately and comprehensively identify and quantify fugitive methane emissions, from both surface and subsurface infrastructure.

Measure. Monitor. Manage. Mitigate.

Qanti-Fi systems embody Qteq's 4M strategy of automating environmental stewardship, by Measuring and Monitoring key indicators, and using advanced analytics to Manage and Mitigate adverse trends. This is being achieved using cutting-edge solutions from our technology partners, Ventbuster Instruments and Kuva Systems, who provide unique approaches to the detection and quantification of methane emissions.

Point-Source Quantification: Measure the Immeasurable

The Ventbuster® meter makes point-source methane emissions Monitoring and reporting more intuitive than ever, and provides precise baseline Measurements.

This data point is unattainable using gas detection monitors, optical imaging technologies, retrofit positive displacement, differential pressure, or process mass flow gas meters but is now solved with the Ventbuster®.

This is crucial in verifying sources and causes of gas leaks, and to then design effective means to isolate them. In particular, the meter's ultra-low limit of detection and large dynamic range makes it ideally suited to evaluate integrity of operational, shut-in, orphaned, and abandoned oil and gas wells.

Capturing a continuous digital flow signal, transmitted in real-time to an IoT Platform, with the most precise quantification, Ventbuster® provide the source data needed to advance a dialogue between stakeholders and Regulators. It establishes the scientific baselines around vented emissions to which mitigation measures may be balanced to avoid negative environmental impact.

Continuously Detect, Pinpoint and Quantify Fugitive Emissions

Whereas Ventbuster® meters involve diverting gas venting from known leak sources through a sensing head, the complimentary all-round gas cloud imaging (GCI360) camera technology from Kuva Systems is able to detect and pinpoint multiple leak sources from a single remote station.

As the world's first spectral camera system designed for affordability and efficiency across upstream facilities, the state-of-the-art GCI360 system uses Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) sensor technology and proprietary spectroscopic imaging to provide real-time situational awareness of fugitive emissions.

This is achieved by generating colorized images of gas plumes, superimposed over photographic images of wellhead and process equipment, for root cause determination. These images are uploaded to the Kuva cloud-based analytics platform, where additional processing is performed to quantify fugitive emission rates.

Qanti-Fi, is primed to accelerate the energy sector's commitment to environmental sustainability and net-zero goals. In combination with other cutting-edge technologies, such as Q-Fi® wireless permanent downhole monitoring systems, Q-Rode casing corrosion imaging tools, and Q-Patch casing patch remediation products, Qteq is also positioning itself as a ‘one-stop' solutions provider for solving asset integrity concerns.

This commitment to continuous in-house innovation, coupled with the adoption of smart, cost-effective solutions, including through partnerships with other technology innovators, showcases Qteq's readiness to address the enduring challenges of GHG emissions, ensuring a cleaner, more sustainable future for the global energy landscape.

As we present Qanti-Fi to corporate and executive leaders gathered at the AEP Conference, we underscore Qteq's dedication to fostering a safer and more environmentally friendly energy sector. The introduction of Qanti-Fi is not just a testament to Qteq's leadership in environmental technology services but is also a call to action for industry-wide collaboration in safeguarding our planet. Together, with the power of Qanti-Fi, we embark on a mission of true environmental stewardship, measuring, monitoring, managing, and mitigating our way to a more sustainable world.


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