Shareholder movements, midweek update

DR RALPH Craven, Concord Capital, Arrow Energy; Vost, de Vietri, Baraka Petroleum; Higginbotham, Reveleigh into Bounty Oil and Gas; Mather into Bow Energy; Lingo, Drillsearch Energy; Mahalingam into, Tudor Capital out of Mission NewEnergy; Botten, Aopi into Oil Search; Santo into Otto Energy; Lloyd, Pettett, Messer into Pryme Oil and Gas; Dr Pretorius out of Red Fork; Gartmore, Rheochem; Brown, Rialto Energy; Drillsearch into 3D Oil. Farrell, Westside Corporation;

ARROW ENERGY: Dr Ralph Craven, who was appointed as a director on May 18, holds an indirect interest in 20,000 ordinary shares.

Concord Capital ceased to be a substantial shareholder on May 14.