Eastern Creek waste-biogas facility starts production

GRD has announced that Sydney’s Eastern Creek UR-3R municipal waste facility has begun producing green energy.

The UR-3R system uses innovative technology to separate waste streams into recyclables and organics, percolating the organics into energy-producing biogas and compost mulch. The facility is self-sufficient for both water and power and over a 12-month period is expected to export 10% of the electricity it generates back to the local power grid.

The site is a world-first for diverting waste away from landfills and redirecting it into ecologically friendly energy and resource recovery, and its success will be closely watched by waste management groups worldwide.

“With the production of green electricity, the Eastern Creek UR-3R facility is now making a substantial contribution to abating greenhouse gas emissions, which would otherwise occur from sending waste to landfill,” said GRD executive chairman Brettney Fogarty.

“Further UR-3R facilities could prove effective in offsetting the substantial greenhouse gas emissions of new power and water desalination infrastructure, thus helping to create more sustainable cities.”