Iran's energy opportunities

IRAN'S transformation from international pariah state to a key cog in the energy supply machinery continues,

More Saudi smoke and mirrors

ALMOST as fast as hopes rose on OPEC agreeing to an output freeze, it all went up in smoke as Saudi Arabia

Glut warnings fail to dull OPEC rise

THE oil bulls are back in the shop as the major oil markers surged above $45/barrel overnight, the fastest


16 AUG 2016
Bear trap

Bear trap 'overdone': RBC

OIL bears fretting about the global crude inventory inertia keeping prices low should remember the damage

Sea monster looms as OPEC continues charade

Sea monster looms as OPEC continues charade

WHILE analysts worry big offshore projects sanctioned pre-oil price crash and set to hit the market next

Freeze chatter heats up oil

THE oil price surged back to the mid-$US40s overnight as fresh rumblings came from the OPEC cartel that

Libya remains a powderkeg

Libya remains a powderkeg

A DEAL may have been struck to re-open key Libyan key oil ports to new shipments after a two-year stand-off

Oil back in bear country

Oil back in bear country

OIL has again fallen into bear market territory, sliding below $US40/barrel, causing a sharp intake of

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03 AUG 2016